Oyster mushroom powder recipe | Edible & Medicinal mushrooms | Biobritte mushrooms

Oyster mushroom powder recipe.

Oyster Mushroom Powder is created from organically grown oyster mushrooms.

Oyster Mushrooms' mild flavor, tender texture, and graceful seashell-like shape-similar in color and shape to their namesake shellfish.

Oyster mushroom powder recipe

It blends smoothly into your everyday vegetable, daals, sauces, pasta, and soups, making them protein-rich with a deep woody texture of mushrooms.

Dehydrated mushrooms are an excellent food to stock in any kitchen. 

Mushroom powder for recipes:-

-Put a tablespoon into your favorite omelet recipe.

-Use to help bring more flavor to soups and stews without adding texture or meat products.

-Sprinkle across a salad for an extra ‘wow’ factor.

-Mix into meatloaf or burger patties to add an extra depth of flavor without necessarily adding bulk or texture.

-Sprinkle in pasta sauces for added depth of flavor.


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