Scope of Mushroom Farming in Brunei Darussalam | Mushroom Cultivation in Brunei Darussalam

Brunei Darussalam is tiny country situated near Singapore and Malaysia.  Brunei Darussalam is basically oil industry based country. However, scope of agricultural businesses is on boom in the Brunei Darussalam.

Brunei has basic resources which can be utilized to grow mushrooms. 

1. Electricity: When I visited Brunei Darussalam I was very surprised to see the prices of electricity in the country. Average household spends only 10-20 Brunei dollars on electricity. According to calculations, high tech ACMV systems required for mushroom growing can cost approx only 1000-2000 BND.

2. Acceptability of Mushrooms: During my visit to Brunei Darussalam, I was surprised to see Korean, Chinese and Cambodian company’s products in supermalls in Brunei Darussalam. People already love to eat grey oyster mushrooms, button mushrooms, shittake mushrooms and enoki mushrooms there.

3. Raw materials: Brunei Darussalam already has all raw materials required for running mushroom cultivation business.

4. Support from government departments: Department of agriculture and MPRT department are very helpful for new agro startups and this can surely help Bruneian people to start new mushroom farms.

5. People are looking for novel agro businesses: Currently Brunei has limited no of mushroom farms and people are searching for new mushroom business this can help to development of mushroom sector in Brunei. 

6. Local and Export Market: Local market is best for mushroom businesses and also Brunei can be export hub of mushrooms due to central location in Malaysia, Singapore, china, Australia, Japan, Vietnam.

7. Future scope: Brunei has tremendous scope in mushroom sector as compared to any agribusiness in Brunei.

About Author: 

Parimal Ramesh Udgave, Director, Biobritte Agro Solutions Private Limited, 

Previously worked in Brunei Darussalam as mushroom company consultant. Parimal has 5 years of experience of mushroom farming and marketing field. He is also independent consultant and advisor for mushroom startups. He runs Biobritte Agro Solutions Private Limited which grows 22 types of mushrooms in India.

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