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Mushroom Pasta and Mushroom Noodles.

Mushrooms are a good source of B vitamins. They are also the only source of vitamin D and one of the highest sources of selenium found in the produce section.

Mushrooms are unique in the produce section because they are fungi and not vegetables. 

What we typically think of as a mushroom is the fleshy, fruiting, spore-bearing body of a fungus. 

Mushroom Pasta and Mushroom Noodles

The mushrooms we eat are generally composed of a stipe (stem), a pileus (cap), and lamellae (gills).

There are, however, many morphological varieties of mushrooms and not all varieties have these features. 

There are approximately 14,000 different species of mushroom, many of which are inedible.

They are uses in noodles and pasta, all types of curries, grilling, and other spicy recipes.

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