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Mushroom Protein Powders.

One benefit of mushroom-based protein powders is that they are a safer option for individuals who are unable to consume or suffer allergies from wheat, soy, or whey-based protein powders.

As the name implies, mushroom protein powder is made from mushrooms. Mushrooms are first dried then processed into powder form. 

This type of supplemental powder can be made from just about any type of of edible mushroom.

Mushroom Protein Powders

Treat it like a seasoning agent (like mushroom umami seasoning), and add it to scrambled eggs, soups, casseroles, sauces and sautéed vegetables. 

It offers a great meaty flavor and has a slew of health benefits. Recently, mushrooms are being used in all sorts of products. 

You can find coffees, teas and protein powders made with mushroom powder.

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