Are sliced mushrooms healthier than whole mushrooms? | Edible & Medicinal mushrooms | Biobritte mushroom supplier

Are sliced mushrooms healthier than whole mushrooms? | Edible & Medicinal mushrooms | Biobritte mushroom supplier.

In general, the mouthfeel of anything sliced is different from the whole, depending on how much it is sliced. Even physical things like slicing and grinding are still processing. Mushrooms are food. Slicing is processing. Sliced mushrooms are processed food.

Even if the ingredients are exactly the same, physically processed food, depending on the food, maybe easier to eat and chew and taste slightly different, increasing caloric intake before satiety. Increased calories are bad usually.

And unless you chew very well, a non physically processed food has a chance of being swallowed in bigger chunks which is slightly harder for the digestive system to process which means more of it does not get absorbed. The best example might be corn on the cob as kernels may make it through intact to the toilet.

Are sliced mushrooms healthier than whole mushrooms?

Chewing and cutting your food with a fork and knife (think steak versus hotdog on a stick) is a physical activity that burns more calories

Physical processing also breaks open cell walls, increasing digestibility and increasing the percentage of calories that are absorbed

Slicing before cooking keeps the insides of large chunks cooler for longer and there is the chance that the insides will - unless you cook well - be slightly less done and hence less digestible.

However, all of the above factors are probably negligible in the case of mushrooms.

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