Do mushrooms need sunlight to make food? | Biobritte mushrooms | Biobritte mushroom center

Do mushrooms need sunlight to make food? | Biobritte mushrooms | Biobritte mushroom center.

Mushrooms don't photosynthesize or have chlorophyll (or roots, like plant roots, for that matter).

Mushrooms utilize a large layer of mycelium which is usually under the surface of the ground. 

This is usually a white, fuzzy, cobweb-like structure that grows and expands as it consumes organic (and sometimes inorganic) material. This is what provides "food" for the mushroom organism.

Do mushrooms need sunlight to make food?

The process basically goes from:

1. A mature mushroom releases spores into the air which are carried in the wind and settle somewhere or a mature mushroom is eaten by an animal who later defecates somewhere (spores intact)

3. Spores eventually germinate in that spot and start producing/growing a mycelium layer, which slowly spreads as it finds things to eat. (decomposing wood, animal remains, decomposing flour, etc)

4. Once this mycelium layer has gained enough nutrients then it triggers itself to begin producing fruits (Mushrooms) in order to "procreate"/spread spores, repeat the cycle.

Sunlight does not come into play other than to direct the mushrooms which way to grow. (Up.)

Mushrooms are able and do grow sometimes completely in the dark or with extremely little light. All you need for mushrooms is the right amount of nutrition(food) and the right amount of moisture within that food along with some humidity.

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