Are mushrooms a plant or animal? | Mushroom center | Biobritte mushroom company

Are mushrooms a plant or animal? | Mushroom center | Biobritte mushroom company

Are mushrooms a plant or animal? 

Believe it or not, in a metabolic sense, mushrooms are actually more similar to humans than to plants.⁣

Unlike plants (which take in carbon dioxide and give off oxygen) mushrooms take in oxygen and give off CO2.⁣

In other words, they breathe, much like humans do.⁣

Structurally, however, mushrooms are more similar to plants than to animals, in that they have rigid cell walls made from “long chain poly-saccharides”. (a fancy word for sugars)

Are mushrooms a plant or animal?

These polysaccharides can be quite complex, and there are lots of different ways that the parts of the chain can be connected together.


  • The cell walls in mushrooms are made up of something called “beta-linked” polysaccharides, otherwise known as beta-glucans.
  • These beta-glucans are a special type of polysaccharide that has a significant impact on the immune system.
  • The fact that they form an integral part of mushroom cell walls explains the broad immunomodulatory effect that mushrooms have on our bodies.
  • Beta-glucans are one of the key active ingredients in medicinal mushrooms, which is why it is important to use mushroom supplements that:
  • Are made from the whole mushroom fruiting body (as opposed to just mycelium on grain)
  • List the beta-glucan percentage on the supplement facts panel.

This is how you can ensure you’ll get mushrooms that actually make a difference!

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