Beech mushrooms (Hypsizygus tessellatus) | Mushroom shop | Biobritte mushroom shop

Beech mushrooms (Hypsizygus tessellatus) | Mushroom shop | Biobritte mushroom shop

Beech mushrooms (Hypsizygus tessellatus)

Here’s a unique variety of mushrooms you should grab if you ever see them at the grocery or market: beech mushrooms! 

The small clusters of fungi look right out of a fairy tale. Turns out, they’re also some of the tastiest around! Sauté them up and the flavor is earthy and savory, with a crunchy pop in each bite. 

Here at A Couple Cooks, we’ve made it our goal to try all the types of mushrooms we can find at our local grocery. 

After over 10 different varieties, beech mushrooms have solidified their place at the top. Here’s more about them!

In the same way that white mushrooms and Baby Bellas are similar, so are White and Brown Beech mushrooms.

Beech mushrooms have a crunchy texture that offers a delicately mild flavor, both satisfyingly sweet and nutty.

The mushrooms are called “Beech mushrooms” because, in the wild, they often grow on fallen Beech trees in Japan.

Perfect for soups, stews, or sauces, Beech mushrooms maintain their crisp texture if added as the last ingredient!

Bitter in their raw state, but very enjoyable once cooked.

Great in soups, stews, or sauces.

May be eaten in clusters or individually separated. To separate, trim off the base of the cluster and they are clean and ready to cook.

What are beech mushrooms?

Beech mushrooms are worth grabbing if you see them: this variety is one of the tastiest around. Here’s what you need to know about this unique type of mushroom:

Beech mushrooms (Hypsizygus tessellatus) are a type of edible mushroom that grows on beech trees, hence the name. 

They’re also known as Buna shimeji or clamshell mushrooms and are native to East Asia (they’re also cultivated in the US, Australia, and Europe). 

They grow in clusters and are small and thin, with round tops. There are two types: the brown beech mushroom and the white beech mushroom.

Where to find it? You can find this type of mushroom at some grocery stores or health food stores, farmer’s markets.

What do beech mushrooms taste like? They have a lightly sweet, savory, and nutty flavor, with a subtly crunchy texture. 

They should always be served cooked since the flavor is slightly bitter when raw.

How to store and clean them

Grabbed a bunch of beech mushrooms? Great! Here’s how to store them once you bring them home, and clean them before cooking:

Store the mushrooms in a paper bag in the refrigerator (not the produce drawer). You can leave them in the package they come in. 

But the best way to store mushrooms is in a paper bag, which allows them to breathe. 

Leave them in the main part of the refrigerator to get good airflow, not the produce drawer.

Clean them with a quick rinse. Slice off the base of the mushroom clump, then give the mushrooms a quick rinse. Just don’t soak them or they can become soggy.

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