Mushroom spawn laboratory in Mumbai | Spawn lab | Biobritte spawn lab

Mushroom spawn laboratory in Mumbai | Spawn lab | Biobritte spawn lab

Mushroom spawn laboratory in Mumbai.

It is relatively easy to collect your own spores as all you need is a mushroom, some paper, and glass. 

Carefully remove the stem from the mushroom and gently remove any skirt that may be present protecting the gills in the mushroom head. 

To take the spore print all you need is the top of the mushroom with the gills exposed on the underside.


Place the mushroom with the gills face down onto the paper and pop a glass over the top. Leave this for 24 hours. 

When you return, remove the glass and gently lift the mushroom. 

The spores will have fallen from the cap and you should see a print on the paper, which replicates the gill pattern from the mushroom. 

This is the spore print that can then be used to grow your own mushrooms. 

Keep the print in a sealed bag in a cool, dry, dark place until you are ready to cultivate.

The quality of mushroom spawn is important to the best cropping of mushrooms.

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