Scope of Mushroom Business in West Bengal | Mushroom farming | Biobritte mushroom center

Scope of Mushroom Business in West Bengal | Mushroom farming | Biobritte mushroom center

Scope of Mushroom Business in West Bengal.

There is very good scope in mushroom cultivation. 

With the growing no. of Chinese restaurants in large cities demand for mushrooms is increasing day by day. 

Mainly button and oyster mushrooms have been demanded all over India.

One can do mushroom farming in India on a small to large scale. 

Scope of Mushroom Business in West Bengal

For small-scale cultivation, mushrooms can be sold locally like households, hotels, restaurants, local markets,s, etc. 

For large-scale cultivation, one should ensure the market before involving in mushroom cultivation. 

If marketed well, the mushroom has a very good scope in West Bengal.

It may be said that an initial investment of Rs 3,000 by any family can fetch a monthly income of Rs 2,000 by setting up a mushroom bed in a corner of the house and devoting sometime in a day. 

Mushroom also has a good export market since it fetches a price of Rs 300 to Rs 400 a kg.

How much money can a gourmet mushroom business make? Because the crop cycle is short – six weeks to harvest is typical – growers can make a good and steady income in a small space. 

Using an indoor bag system, most growers are producing 25 pounds per square foot of growing area every year.

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