Scope of Mushroom Business in Lakshadweep | Mushroom business | Biobritte mushroom business

Scope of Mushroom Business in Lakshadweep | Mushroom business | Biobritte mushroom business 

Scope of Mushroom Business in Lakshadweep.

Compacted information on mushroom cultivation in relation to production,  performance,  problems, and prospects is very important for developing the mushroom sector.  

Mushroom production is increasing due to the high demand of the domestic market and export potentiality.  

Scope of Mushroom Business in Lakshadweep

In  India, 40000  MT mushrooms are produced during  2018-19.  

Oyster,  Reishi,  Milky,  Button,  Straw, and  Shiitake mushrooms are the most preferable species and cultivated by the farmers; but the maximum cultivation is confined to oyster mushroom (Pleurotus spp.) which are grown throughout the year. 

Mostly young aged educated people and rural women are adopting mushroom farming as a commercial basis in India. 

The study revealed that mushroom production is easy to work because it requires only a little technical efficiency and a highly profitable agribusiness as evident for its lucrative benefit-cost ratio.  

Although mushrooms production increased,  there are some opportunities and employments are exposed. 

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