Shaggy manes mushrooms | Biobritte mushrooms | Biobritte mushroom company

Shaggy manes mushrooms | Biobritte mushrooms | Biobritte mushroom company

Shaggy manes mushrooms

  1. It’s easy to identify, it grows all over the place and just happens to be a choice gourmet edible.
  2. The Shaggy Mane is a very common wild mushroom that you can often find growing in parks, on lawns, and at the sides of trails in disturbed soil.
  3. It is super easy to identify and once you get a feel for it, it is instantly recognizable, making it a perfect species for beginners.
  4. Of course, as with any mushroom, you need to be 100% sure of a mushroom’s identification if you plan on eating it or serving it to others.

Shaggy manes mushrooms


The Shaggy Mane gets its name because the cap actually does have a “shaggy” appearance.

Another common name is “lawyers wig” and in fact, the Latin name “comatus” is derived from “coma” which means hair.

When young, the fruiting body is cylindrical in shape, and stands tall out of the ground – almost like a hairy oblong egg on the end of a smooth, much thinner stalk. 

When cutting open a young species, the gills are initially white, and tightly packed together.

As it ages, the mushroom takes on a much different appearance. Species of the “coprinus” genus are known as “inky caps” because of a special auto-digestion feature, where the fruiting body slowly degrades into a gooey black ink.

This is also known as deliquescing.

The mushroom has a good reason for this “self-destruction”.

When the fruiting body is young, the gills are tightly packed together, not ideal for dispersing spores.

This auto-digestion of the cap starts from the bottom of the gills, and works its way up, causing the cap to curl up, the gills to open, and the spores to be dispersed.

Some spores are also dropped to the ground with the ink.

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