Shittake Mushroom Growing | Mushroom cultivation | Biobritte mushroom farming

Shittake Mushroom Growing | Mushroom cultivation | Biobritte mushroom farming

Shittake Mushroom Growing.

Have you tried growing oyster mushrooms and now you’re ready to try a slightly more challenging variety?

Shiitake mushrooms are a bit more difficult to grow since their mycelium is not as aggressive, and requires a longer incubation time. But the extra work can be well worth it.

Shiitake produces more flushes of fresh mushrooms for you to harvest. Sometimes for years under the right conditions!

Shittake Mushroom Growing

Why Grow Shiitake Mushrooms?

They’re Good For You!

Shiitake mushrooms contain compounds that support heart health, boost your immune system, and may even be able to help fight cancer and tumors.

They’re low in sodium and calories, but offer good amounts of fiber, B vitamins, and some minerals.

Plus they’re delicious!

The Gift That Keeps On Giving.

Shiitake mushrooms produce 3 to 5 flushes of fresh mushrooms on average when grown on sawdust or grain. 

If you grow them on logs, they can provide you with fresh mushrooms every 5 weeks for 4 to 6 years!

The upfront time and monetary investment of growing your own shiitake mushrooms will more than pay for itself. 

Just think about what the number of mushrooms you’ll be harvesting would cost to buy from the supermarket.

Plus you can’t beat the level of freshness that comes from harvesting mushrooms at home! 

Growing your own mushrooms is a great hobby and is also an excellent learning experience to teach kids about nature.

Much of the same information applies whether you want to grow a small number of mushrooms at home as a hobby, or start growing mushrooms on a commercial scale as a business.

Many of us grow up watching our parents in the garden picking tomatoes and carrots, but it’s still quite rare to see people growing their own mushrooms at home.

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