Best substrate to grow Oyster Mushrooms | Oyster mushroom farming | Biobritte mushroom center

Best substrate to grow Oyster Mushrooms | Oyster mushroom farming | Biobritte mushroom center

Best substrate to grow Oyster Mushrooms.

In the search for alternatives to sawdust as growing media in commercial mushroom cultivation, three organic substrates obtainable as crop residue, maize husk, maize cob, and maize stalk, with each being supplemented with rice bran, were evaluated as growth media for the oyster mushroom, Pleurotus ostreatus. 

For the tested alternatives to sawdust, the harvested weight of fruiting bodies that sprouted on a kilogram maize husk media per crop was the highest. 

Sawdust media supported significantly heavier fruiting bodies than the maize residues.

Oyster mushrooms are either as main substrates or in combination with supplements. 

Best substrate to grow Oyster Mushrooms

Oyster mushrooms can be grown on various substrates including paddy straw, maize stalks/cobs, vegetable plant residues, bagasse, sawdust, wheat straw, cotton waste, waste paper, and cotton stalks. 

The preferred method of cultivation is dependent on the mushroom variety, market demand, farmer’s preferences, and availability of growing media.

The oyster mushroom is cultivated using plastic bags filled with decomposed sawdust. 

However, as wood (timber) becomes scarce, the unavailability of appropriate sawdust substrate becomes a limiting factor for mushroom cultivation. 

In addition, the timber industry which provides the sawdust as a by-product from the timber mills is restricted to the forest zones. 

Mushroom growers outside the forest zones are therefore challenged with the carting cost of the sawdust which increases production cost. 

The development of cultivation techniques that utilize other sustainable sources of substrates for oyster mushroom cultivation can fill the sawdust void and is likely to be adopted by mushroom growers.

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