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Buy Pioppino Mushroom In Albania | Pioppino Mushroom Supplier| Poplar Mushroom Exporter

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  • The Pioppino mushroom is a global favorite; many Asian and European countries swear by its nutty, earthy flavor. 
  • It is also known as the Black Poplar mushroom (named from its growing habitat around poplars). 
  • The Pioppino develops as a cluster of light brown colored caps sprouting from thin white stems. 
  • Some home and professional chefs are drawn to the Pioppino’s ability to keep its mushroom shape even after cooking; this means it can be used to create visually unique and appealing dishes. 
  • In addition to amazing flavor, texture, and presentation, the Pioppino mushroom also has lower water content. 
  • This means it will hold up well in the fridge for a few days when properly stored. 
  • The Pioppino mushroom is noteworthy for the number of bioactive metabolites it contains. These metabolites include:

  • Agrocybenine: has antifungal properties
  • Cylindan: has anti-cancer properties
  • Indole derivatives: are responsible for hunting down free radicals. 
  • The Pioppino Mushroom is also known for its potential to slow down the negative effects of osteoporosis. 
  • Nutritionally, Pioppino mushrooms contain a number of antioxidants that protect against diseases and prevent early aging. 
  • They are also high in vitamins and minerals such as B vitamins, copper, and potassium. 
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Pioppino Mushroom

Where to find it?

You can find this type of mushroom at some grocery stores, health food stores, or Asian grocery stores. You can also find it at farmer’s markets.

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