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Cordyceps militaris training in Nagpur

Cordyceps is a mushroom that is EXPLODING in popularity in the United States for both cultivation and consumption. 

Cordyceps cultivation methods are diverse, in this post we walk through one method of cordyceps cultivation. 

More and more cordyceps can be found as a supplement in coops and other grocery stores. 

Social media is filled with people trying to figure out how to cultivate cordyceps.


Cordyceps militaris training in Nagpur

So the team at Biobritte decided to take a look and see if they could contribute to the research and information coming out around cordyceps cultivation methods.

Over the last year, Biobritte has looked at how to effectively grow cordyceps on a commercial scale, what the subjective impacts are when to consume cordyceps, and what is behind this explosion of popularity. 

You can also learn more about it in Biobritte's cordyceps cultivation training. 

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