Cordyceps mushroom supplier | Mushroom supply | Biobritte mushroom company

Cordyceps mushroom supplier | Mushroom supply | Biobritte mushroom company

Cordyceps mushroom supplier

Cordyceps militaris is a potential harbour of bio-metabolites for herbal drugs and evidence is available about its applications for the revitalization of various systems of the body from ancient times. 

Amongst all the species, C. militaris is considered the oldest source of some useful chemical constituents. 

Besides their popular applications for tonic medicine by all stairs of the community, the constituents of C. militaris are now used extensively in modern systems of medicine. 

The current survey records the mysterious potentials of C. militaris are boosting up the present herbal treatments, as well as gearing up the green pharmacy revolution, in order to create a friendly environment with reasonable safety. 

Cordyceps mushroom supplier

Evidence showed that the active principles of C. militaris are beneficial to act as:-
  • pro-sexual, 
  • anti-inflammatory, 
  • anti-oxidant/anti-aging, 
  • anti-tumor/anti-cancer/anti-leukemic, 
  • anti-proliferative, 
  • anti-metastatic, 
  • immunomodulatory, 
  • anti-microbial, 
  • anti-bacterial, 
  • anti-viral, 
  • anti-fungal, 
  • anti-protozoal, 
  • insecticidal, 
  • larvicidal, 
  • anti-fibrotic, 
  • steroidogenic, 
  • hypoglacaemic, 
  • hypolipidaemic, 
  • anti-angiogenetic, 
  • anti-diabetic, 
  • anti-HIV, 
  • anti-malarial, 
  • anti-fatigue, 
  • neuroprotective, 
  • liver-protective, 
  • reno-protective 

as well as pneumo-protective, let alone their other synergistic activities, which let it be marketable in the western countries as an over-the-counter medicine. 

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