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Cordyceps mushroom supply | Mushroom supplier company | Biobritte mushroom company 

Cordyceps mushroom supply

An entomopathogenic fungus, Cordyceps sp. has been known to have numerous pharmacological and therapeutic implications, especially, in terms of human health making it a suitable candidate for ethnopharmacological use. 

The main constituent of the extract derived from this fungus comprises a novel bio-metabolite called Cordycepin which has a very potent anti-cancer, anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory activities. 

The current review discusses the broad spectrum potential of Cordycepin including biological and pharmacological actions in immunological, hepatic, renal, cardiovascular systems as well as an anti-cancer agent. 

Cordyceps mushroom supply

The study will certainly draw the attention of the scientific community to improve the bioactivity and production of Cordycepin for its commercial use in pharmacological and medical fields.

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