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Cultivation of reishi mushrooms

Ganoderma lucidum is a species in the genus of Ganoderma with numerous pharmacological effects. 

It is named “Lingzhi” in Chinese. Lingzhi growth includes several different stages, such as mycelium, primordium, young and mature fruit bodies, and so on, and each stage has a unique set of requirements in nutritional factors and growth parameters. 

The cultivation pattern of Lingzhi is the same as that for other cultivated edible mushrooms and can be divided into two major patterns based on cultivation on a solid-state medium or in a liquid-state medium. 

Cultivation of reishi mushrooms

The first pattern involves the production of Lingzhi fruit bodies, spores, and mycelia biomass, and the second pattern entails the production of Lingzhi mycelia biomass only. 

General facilities for Lingzhi production include various buildings and equipment, such as an inoculation room, culture room, preservation room, sterilizing room, mushroom house, packing room, waste disposal room, and related equipment, laboratory, and other facilities.

Reishi mushroom cultivation is easy and beneficial cultivation for cultivators and mushroom lovers.

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