Enoki Mushroom Company in India | Mushroom company | Biobritte mushroom company

Enoki Mushroom Company in India | Mushroom company | Biobritte mushroom company 

Enoki Mushroom Company in India 

Mushroom starter kits are available online from websites that specialize in fungi. 

They most often come in the form of premade, ready-to-use grow blocks made of compacted substrate material like sawdust or straw. 

To begin growing the mushrooms, you simply wet and store the block.

You can get mushroom spawn through an online vendor that sells fungi spores, as well as some agriculture supply stores and greenhouses. 

Unlike a complete starter kit, mushroom spawn contains only the spores themselves, which usually come packed into a protective housing material like sawdust.

Enoki Mushroom Company in India

You can grow Enoki mushrooms indoors in a container or outdoors in a suitable patch of soil dressed with a thick layer of the substrate.

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