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Gourmet mushroom supplier

Gourmet mushrooms have made their way into cuisines across the globe. 

Their unorthodox shapes, textures, and tastes make them great to add to dishes and give food that extra kick. 

Many gourmet mushrooms are grown on small scales, but some can only be harvested from the wild. 

Gourmet mushrooms – what they are, where to find them, and even some ideas to experiment within the kitchen!

All mushrooms are members of the fungus kingdom. 

Gourmet mushroom supplier

Typically, the mushrooms you eat are the fruiting bodies of a fungus, the part of the organism that produces spores it needs for reproduction. 

The rest of the fungus is usually underground or coursing through decaying organic matter in strands called mycelium. 

But enough about the biology of fungi, we’re here to talk about the delicious varieties of edible mushrooms.

You may be familiar with the common white mushroom, also called the crimini mushroom, the most common edible mushroom worldwide. 

These are the ones you can find in small styrofoam boxes in the supermarket. 

Many people have only ever eaten white mushrooms because they are unfamiliar with, or don’t have access to the gourmet mushrooms out there. 

There are several popular kinds of gourmet mushrooms, with different levels of rarity. 

Some are extremely hard to come by compared to others and are therefore quite expensive. 

Here’s a list of some of the most popular gourmet mushrooms, and what you can do with them!

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