Keeda jadi farming training in Beed | Mushroom farming | Biobritte mushroom center

Keeda jadi  farming training in Beed | Mushroom farming | Biobritte mushroom center

Keeda Jadi farming training in Beed 

Commercial production of edible mushrooms bioconverts the agricultural, industrial, forestry, and household wastes into nutritious food (mushrooms). 

Indoor cultivation of mushrooms utilizes the vertical space and is regarded as the highest protein producer per unit area and time almost 100 times more than conventional agriculture and animal husbandry. 

This hi-tech horticulture venture has a promising scope to meet the food shortages without undue pressure on land.

Keeda jadi farming training in Beed

Keeda jadi mushroom farming training is in Biobritte mushroom center.

The Biobritte mushroom center provides mushroom cultivation training online and offline.

Mushroom consultants in India.

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Top mushroom company.

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