Mushroom seeds for sale | Mushroom spawn supply | Biobritte mushroom spawn lab

Mushroom seeds for sale | Mushroom spawn supply | Biobritte mushroom spawn lab

Mushroom seeds for sale.

Mushroom Spore or Spawn? Unlike other plants, mushrooms aren't grown from regular seeds. 

Instead, you have the choice of growing them from either spore (which are like microscopic seeds) or spawns (which can be compared to seedlings). 

Growing mushrooms with spawn are considered easier and quicker.

Placing mushroom spores onto a sterile medium to start the fungal growth and then transferring the culture to millet seeds is a good way to make oyster mushroom spawn. 

Mushroom seeds for sale

Gelatin with a small amount of sugar, boiled for sterilization, and poured into small, sterile jars makes a good starting medium.

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