Mushroom Spawn suppliers in Bangalore | Mushroom spawn online | Biobritte mushroom online shop

Mushroom Spawn suppliers in Bangalore | Mushroom spawn online | Biobritte mushroom online shop

Mushroom Spawn suppliers in Bangalore.

Quality mushroom spawns are essential for Mushroom cultivation.

People often wonder about the best grain for a mushroom spawn. 

Grain is great because it allows for an advantageous spawn. 

It is also a great option for supplementing other growing mediums.  

Grain spawn gives one major advantage by supplying a pre-colonized Nitrogen source to the substrate. 

Mushroom Spawn suppliers in Bangalore

This can help to increase yields of low nitrogen substrates like straw or paper waste.  

If you peruse the internet for information on grain spawn, as Biobritte does frequently, you will likely see that rye is considered to be the gold standard in growing mushrooms on grain. 

One pound of rye spawn may have about 200 particles for the mycelium to leap off from while millet will have closer to 500. 

By using millet, a smaller grain, the mycelium will spread more evenly and abundantly through the substrate. 

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