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Mushrooms replace styrofoam packaging

A biotech company in upstate New York designs products made from the root structures of mushrooms. 

It takes about a week to grow their alternative to styrofoam packaging. 

And their vegan meat can be sliced into whole cuts and crisps up like bacon when fried.

Mycelium, as it's called, is basically the root structure of mushrooms.

The difference is that Mushroom Packaging only takes 30 days to compost. 

Mushroom replace styrofoam packaging

Styrofoam fills up an estimated 30% of our landfills and takes at least 500 years to biodegrade.

At Ecovative Design in Green Island, New York, engineers, biologists, and designers are harvesting its potential to reduce plastic consumption and feed the planet.

Mycelium is unique because it's easy to both grow and shape into different forms.

Mushroom consultants in India.

You can buy all types of mushroom products from the Biobritte cart.

Top mushroom company.

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Contact on a phone or WhatsApp 9923806933 or 7709709816.

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