Organic cordyceps mushroom powder | Mushroom powder supply | Biobritte mushroom center

Organic cordyceps mushroom powder | Mushroom powder supply | Biobritte mushroom center  

Organic cordyceps mushroom powder.

Cordyceps mushroom bodies are rich in beta-glucans, which are the most powerful immune modulator known to mankind. 

Research has proved that Cordyceps militaris bodies are made up of up to 35% beta-glucans. 

Apart from beta-glucans, Cordyceps militaris in its final stage of growth of forming and dispersing its spores develops very unique and powerful compounds such as cordycepin, adenosine, cordy min, ergosterol, vitamin B12, etc. in its fruitbody which have a series of other benefits apart from immune-modulating effects observed from beta-glucans.
Organic cordyceps mushroom powder

So to summarize, there are a variety of medicinal compounds present in the Cordyceps which perform various different functions in the body depending on their absorption, bioavailability, and decomposition. 

Cordycepin and adenosine which are mainly responsible for energy and performance start acting as soon as you consume Cordyceps. 

However, the medicinal effects such as regulating cholesterol, blood pressure and sugar levels, etc. after two weeks of regular use as beta-glucans which are the main medicinal components takes at least three days to spread in every part of the body after consumption.

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