Poplar mushroom supplier | Mushroom supply | Biobritte mushroom supplier

Poplar mushroom supplier | Mushroom supply | Biobritte mushroom supplier 

Poplar mushroom supplier

Cyclocybe aegerita, also called Agrocybe cylindracea, Agrocybe aegerita, or Pholiota aegerita, is a mushroom in the genus Cyclocybe which is commonly known as the poplar mushroom, chestnut mushroom, or velvet pioppini. 

In Japan, it is called Yanagi-matsutake.

Edibility. The mushroom is cultivated commercially and it is the typical ingredient found in both Southern European and Chinese cuisine. 

In East Asia, it is used fresh and rehydrated in various dishes, including stir-fry, soup, stew, and hot pot. 

It has a soft cap and a harder stem.

Poplar mushroom supplier

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