Poplar mushroom supply | Mushroom supplier | Biobritteb mushroom center

Poplar mushroom supply | Mushroom supplier | Biobritteb mushroom center

Poplar mushroom supply 

Although largely ignored by most foragers in the UK this is a very tasty mushroom.

It’s highly prized in other European countries such as Italy, Spain, Portugal, and France.

It is also cultivated in Asia and is very popular in Chinese cooking and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Pliny The Elder mentions it was cultivated in ancient Rome, being one of the first mushrooms to be cultivated.

Cyclocybe aegerita, also called Agrocybe cylindracea, Agrocybe aegerita, or Pholiota aegerita is a mushroom in the genus Cyclocybe which is commonly known as the poplar mushroom, chestnut mushroom, or velvet pioppini. 

Poplar mushroom supply

In Japan, it is called Yanagi-matsutake.

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