Shimeji mushroom supply | Mushroom supplier | Biobritte mushroom center

Shimeji mushroom supply | Mushroom supplier | Biobritte mushroom center

Shimeji mushroom supply

The most common varieties enjoyed in Japanese cuisine include hon-shimeji, buna-shimeji, and bunapi-shimeji.

Do You Have to Wash Shimeji Mushrooms? 

It's a good idea to gently rinse them, but you don't need to be too vigorous. 

Commercially cultivated shimeji mushrooms are generally kept very clean when growing.

Known for its delicate flavor and toothsome texture, shimeji mushrooms should be eaten cooked and not raw. 

Shimeji mushroom supply

When cooked, they develop a mild nutty flavor with a lightly sweet taste. 

The texture is wonderfully tender yet chewy at the same time.

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