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Button Mushrooms | Mushroom supply | Biobritte mushroom center

Button Mushrooms.

The Button mushroom (Agaricus bisporus) is a gilled fungus that naturally occurs in Europe and North America, though now occurs much more widely.

When immature and white, this mushroom may be known as common mushroom, white mushroom, button mushroom, cultivated mushroom, table mushroom

The mushroom fruiting body may be umbrella-like or of various other shapes, sizes, and colours. 

Mostly Button mushrooms are grown in Indian farms. 

The vegetative part of this fungus is composed of many inter-woven filaments.

Button Mushrooms


In India, button mushrooms are grown seasonally and in environment-controlled cropping houses. White button mushroom requires 20-280 C for vegetative growth.

These fungal fruit bodies appear in flushes, which are harvested when buttons are tightly closed. 

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