Judas ear mushroom powder supply in Mumbai | Mushroom powder supply | Biobritte mushroom center

Judas ear mushroom powder supply in Mumbai | Mushroom powder supply | Biobritte mushroom center 

Judas ear mushroom powder supply in Mumbai 

Auricularia auricula, "cloud ear," "Judas' ear," or yung nge, is a smaller fungus, with a brown to black cap surface, and is dull brown underneath.

Its specific epithet is derived from the belief that Judas Iscariot hanged himself from an elder tree; the common name "Judas's ear" eventually became "Jew's ear", while today "jelly ear" and other names are sometimes used.

Judas ear mushroom powder supply in Mumbai

However, bongkrekic acid is unlikely produced when consumers soak the wood ear mushroom for only a short time in a hygienic environment. 

Therefore, the fungi are safe for consumption if they have been properly soaked and cooked on the same day.

The reason for nutrition the wood ear mushroom is using in medicines; the Biobritte mushroom center provides organic judas ear mushroom powder.

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