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What is the difference between Cordyceps Militaris and Cordyceps Sinensis?

There are more than 680 species of Cordyceps. 

Two species of Cordyceps mushroom most widely used and valued in traditional Asian medical practice are C.sinensis and C.militaris. 

C.sinensis also known as Caterpillar fungus (Keeda Jadi) is found to grow naturally in the wild in high altitude mountainous regions of Nepal, India, Bhutan, and Tibet (China) and has a long history of being used as top Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) by the name Dong Cong Xiao.

Although C.sinensis may be the most famous and expensive fungus, it is comparatively rare and cannot be easily grown to form a stroma (fruit body) in the laboratory whereas C.militaris is the most successful commercially cultivated species in an artificial environment. 

What is the difference between Cordyceps Militaris and Cordyceps sinensis?

While C.sinensis may be the most well-known species, modern science has now uncovered potentially valuable species of C.militaris which have similar or sometimes even higher concentrations of medicinal compounds than most of their counterparts. 

C.sinensis is a fungus that grows out of the larval body of an insect at altitudes about 3800m to create a powerfully healing medicinal mushroom while the C.militarisis grown in environmentally controlled commercial units.

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