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Why are mushrooms so expensive? 

Mushroom cultivation, or fungiculture, is actually pretty difficult. 

They are not plants so you can't just stick them in dirt hoping that rainfall and sunshine will do the rest. 

They require food in the form of a growth substrate such as grain, cardboard, or sawdust. 

The biggest challenge to growing mushrooms is the fact that wet, damp substrate is ideal for all sorts of mold and undesirable mushrooms to grow on as well.

Why are mushrooms so expensive?

That said, there has been significant progress made in the cultivation of mushrooms and as a result more people are farming and harvesting fungus. 

If this trend continues, price should come down. Also, many types of mushrooms are very difficult to grow in an organized manner. 

We haven't quite figured out how to cultivate these varieties in a systematic fashion, and those who have do not want to share their secrets.

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