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Buna shimeji Mushroom supplier in Aizawl

Hon Shimeji, Brown Beech mushrooms, scientific name, Hypsizygus tessellatus is known as Buna-shimeji and Hypsizygus marmoreus.

Hon Shimeju mushrooms have piquant, umami aromas, sharp flavor when fresh, mild and nutty when cooked and a firm chewy texture that softens with cooking.


Hon Shimeji, Brown Beech mushrooms, scientific name, Hypsizygus tessellatus is known as Buna-shimeji and Hypsizygus marmoreus. 

Though it is commercially identified as Hon Shimeji, true Hon Shimeji mushroom, of the species Lyophyllum shimeji, are mycorrhizal fungi and very difficult to cultivate, which has lead to patented cultivation methods. 

Because of this mushroom's petit size and delicate nature, they are harvested in bouquets to protect their vulnerable structure.

Buna shimeji Mushroom supplier in Aizawl

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Hon Shimeji are best prepared cooked as their raw flavor tends to be unpalatably strong. 

The Hon Shimeji will hold its shape well when cooked and may be roasted, steamed, sautéed and pickled. 

Add to soups, stir-frys, omelettes and noodle dishes. Pair with seafood, citrus, grilled meats, white wine and fresh herbs.

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Uncooked Hon Shimeji are not only bitter in taste but their nutritional components are rendered useless to the human body as it can only assimilate cooked Hon Shimeji mushrooms. 

An unpublished report by the National Cancer Institute of Japan indicates Hon Shimeji mushrooms have medicinally active ingredients that provide anti-tumor benefits.

Hon Shimeji, Brown Beech mushrooms is a group of edible mushrooms native to East Asia. 

Wild Hon Shimeji mushrooms grow on hardwood trees, most often Beech trees, hence their common name. 

Cultivated Brown Beech mushrooms live on substrates composed of sawdust, grain and organic agricultural waste in a climate controlled dark environment for nutrition and uniform growth. 

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