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Chestnut mushroom supplier in Bhubaneswar

The Chestnut mushroom, or Pholiota Adiposa, is in the same family as the Nameko. 

It is a stunning example of a mushroom with small rounded brown caps, bits of the veil often stick to the cap after it has opened before harvest. 

The common name chestnut has been mistakenly applied to the baby bella or crimini mushroom, agaricus bisporus because of the shape and color. 

This particular mushroom is selectively cultivated in the United States and brings something extra special to the dinner table.

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Chestnut mushroom supplier in Bhubaneswar

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This mushroom has a unique makeup, so after the cooking process, it maintains a very particular texture, almost crunching even after the chitin walls have been weakened by being cooked. 

The mild earthy flavor has notes of a peppery finish, and the texture excites an average dish with variation and plays very well in creme sauces. 

It excels in miso and other brothy soups, or add it to a stir fry or substitute into your favorite sauce recipe.  

It can also be seared with garlic and oil or butter and added a top to a salad or in spring rolls.

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