Morel mushroom supplier in Gangtok | Mushroom supply online | Biobritte mushroom company

Morel mushroom supplier in Gangtok | Mushroom supply online | Biobritte mushroom company

Morel mushroom supplier in Gangtok. 

Morchella, the true morels, is a genus of edible sac fungi closely related to anatomically simpler cup fungi in the order Pezizales (division Ascomycota). 

These distinctive fungi have a honeycomb appearance due to the network of ridges with pits composing their caps. 

Morels are prized by gourmet cooks, particularly in French cuisine.


Morel mushroom supplier in Gangtok

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Due to difficulties in cultivation, commercial harvesting of wild morels has become a multimillion-dollar industry in the temperate Northern Hemisphere, in particular North America, Turkey, China, the Himalayas, India, and Pakistan where these highly prized fungi are found in abundance.

Typified by Morchella esculenta in 1794, the genus has been the source of considerable taxonomical controversy throughout the years, mostly with regard to the number of species involved, with some mycologists recognizing as few as three species and others over thirty. 

Current molecular phylogenetics suggests there might be over seventy species of Morchella worldwide, most of them exhibiting high continental endemism and provincialism.

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