Cordyceps Mushroom Spawn Supplier in Nashik | Mushroom Grower spawn supplier in Nashik

Cordyceps Mushroom Spawn Supplier in Nashik.

Exposing germinating Cordyceps to light that’s too bright or for too long can reduce the amount of one of the key active compounds, cordycepic acid, according to one study. 

The researchers also found that total cultivation time could cause large variations in the quality of Cordyceps militaris. 

Cordyceps Mushroom Spawn Supplier in Nashik.

Lab-derived Cordyceps is often grown on sawdust, wood chips, compost, or straw. 

These might be tainted with pesticides that could accumulate in the final product, and separating such bedding materials from the fungus is difficult. 

We’re going to guess that nobody wants to pay top dollar for a supplement purporting to be Cordyceps that’s actually part wood waste.

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