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Mother spawn preparation ppt.

  • Soak the sorghum grains in clean water to remove chaffy and damaged grains.     
  • Cook the grains in a vessel for 30 minutes just to soften them.
  • Take out the cooked grains and spread them evenly on the platform to remove excess water.
  • At 50% moisture level mix calcium carbonate (CaCO3) thoroughly with the cooked, dried grains @ 20 g / Kg.
  • Fill the grains in saline bottles up to 3/4th height (approximately 300-330 g / bottle), insert a PVC ring, bold the edges of the bag down, and plug the mouth tightly with non-absorbent cotton wool.

Mother spawn preparation ppt

  • Cover the cotton plug with a piece of waste paper and tie tightly around the neck with a jute thread.
  • Arrange the bags inside an autoclave and sterilize under 20-lbs. pressure for 2 hours.
  • Take out the bags after cooling and keep them inside the culture room and put on the UV light.
  • After 20 minutes put off the UV light and start working in the culture room.
  • Cut the fungal culture into two equal halves using an inoculation needle and transfer one-half portion to the bottle. Similarly, transfer another half portion of the culture to another bottle.
  • Incubate the inoculated bottle, in a cleanroom under room temperature for 10 days. This can be used for bed spawn preparation.

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