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Oyster mushroom cultivation pdf India.

Over decades there has been increasing in the production of buttons, but the production of other mushrooms has increased much more as a result of which at present the relative contribution of buttons in world production is only 15% and it is no more world’s number one mushroom. 

Oyster mushroom cultivation pdf India.

At present shiitake is the number one cultivated mushroom. 

Six mushrooms, namely shiitake (Lentinula), oyster(Pleurotus), wood ear (Auricularia), button (Agaricus), winter mushroom(Flammulina), and paddy straw mushroom (Volvariella) account for 90% of the total world mushroom production. 

Today China cultivates around 60 different types of mushrooms and produces around 85% of the total of 40 million tonne mushrooms of the world.

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