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Oyster mushroom cultivation pdf India.

The economic importance of the mushroom lies primarily in its use as food for human consumption.  

It is rich in Vitamin C and B complex and the protein content varies between 1.6 to 2.5 percent. 

It has most of the mineral salts required by the human body.  

Oyster mushroom cultivation pdf India

The niacin content is about ten times higher than any other vegetables. 

The folic acid present in oyster mushrooms helps to cure anemia. 

It is suitable for people with hypertension, obesity, and diabetes due to its low sodium: potassium ratio, starch, fat, and calorific value. 

Alkaline ash and high fibre content make them suitable for consumption for those having hyperacidity and constipation. 

A polycyclic aromatic compound pleurotin has been isolated from P. griseus which possesses antibiotic properties.

The scope and uses of oyster mushrooms are tremendous nowadays.

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