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Where to store mushroom seeds

Half cooked grains, air dried, mixed with calcium carbonate powder at 2% level, fill the grains in empty glucose drip bottles, plug with cotton and sterilize in cooker for 2 hours. Put the pure culture of the fungus (Procured from agriculture departments/agrl.

Where to store mushroom seeds
Mushroom seeds

Here, the view of how to store mushrooms - 

Keep spawning at room temperature if you will be using it in the next few days. 

For longer storage, refrigerate the spawn for up to 3 months. 

If you use a partial bag of spawn, store the remaining spawn in its original bag, folding the top down above the filter patch and clipping to secure.

RefrigerateThere is no denying the fact that storing seeds in air-tight containers can keep the seeds fresh for quite some time. 

However, keeping the containers in the fridge will keep the seeds fresh for much longer.

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