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Active Constituents of Mushrooms.

The main carbohydrates are chitin, glycogen, trehalose, and mannitol. 

Information on fibre content and composition is limited. 

Health-promoting β-glucans are an auspicious group of polysaccharides. 

High potassium content is characteristic of mushrooms.

Active Constituents of Mushrooms.

Beta-Glucans – Critical for immune system function. Humans do not produce them.

L-Ergothioneine – A super antioxidant unique to mushrooms.

Vitamin D – supports immune and bone health.

Prebiotic – Supports a healthy gut.

Digestive Enzymes – Support a healthy gut.

Chelated Minerals – Facilitate bioavailability of the minerals.

Amino Acids/ Proteins – Support energy & performance.

B-Vitamins – Support healthy energy production.

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