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Craving mushrooms.

Although mushrooms aren’t as colorful as other vegetables are but the unique umami flavor makes them a great addition to the food! 

This low-calorie, high-fiber fleshy fungi serve to be the best substitute for meat and is an all-time favorite food of many of us.

When it comes to craving mushrooms, one can hardly resist.

Craving mushrooms.

They make up a great addition to pasta, soups, salads, and pizzas.

Mushrooms are known to improve heart health, BP regulation and also exhibit cancer-preventing properties. 

100 grams of mushrooms have about 22 calories. 

Hence, they can be included in the weight loss diet as well.

Well, they are a good source of B vitamins and certain minerals so that may be why. 

A person could also have very good memory associations with them and so eating them evokes good memories.

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