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It is hard to define the best mushrooms to eat because there are so many tasty mushrooms available to us. 

Today we are looking at some popular favorites, including morels, shiitakes, oyster mushrooms, and lion’s mane. 

A mushroom is a fruiting body of a fungus. 


A fungus is a web of cells all interconnected that digest wood and organic matter for their energy. 

When it is time to move on, or there is enough energy amassed by the web, or when conditions are right, the fungus will produce a mushroom to drop spores. 

These spores are super robust and can travel for a few inches, or a few (hundred? Thousand?) miles. 

The spore lands on a nice food-rich surface that has some moisture and starts building a new web of fungus from that single cell into potentially the largest organism on the planet.

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