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Turkey tail mushroom powder organic.

The mushroom mycelial extract is a highly potent mushroom “superfood” that is stronger than extracts derived from caps alone. 

Mycelium is the start of the fruiting bodies of the actual mushroom. 

You can think of mycelium as the “root” from which the body of the mushroom grows and is generally known to be more potent than the mushroom caps themselves. 

Turkey tail mushroom powder organic.

Our cultivation and extraction process focuses on capturing this highly potent mycelium (although powdered caps will be present in small amounts as well).

Our powder contains no fillers and is rich in polysaccharides, arabinoxylans, and triterpenes. 

Beneficial compounds are already made available by the extraction process, so you can simply add the powder to food or drink for an effective medicinal dose. 

Turkey tail contains a broad array of polysaccharides including PSK and PSP that stimulate the immune system and inhibit cancer cell development by inducing macrophage activity (N-killer cells), as well as acting directly on tumor cells to inhibit proliferation.  

PSK (Krestin) has also demonstrated antiviral activity by inducing interferon production.  Shown to inhibit HIV cell replication/infection.  Moderates blood parameters (cholesterol, glucose levels).  Supports healthy liver function.

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