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Uses of mushroom in food.

Edible mushrooms come in all shapes and sizes and there is a great deal you can do with them in cooking, from simple dishes using just mushrooms to using them in a range of sauces and meals. 

Mushrooms are filled with nutrients, including vitamin B and minerals such as selenium, copper, and potassium, making them a nutritious addition to your diet.

Uses of mushroom in food.

This addresses how to find mushrooms and make nutritious and wonderful dishes with them.

Prepare the mushrooms for cooking. You want mushrooms to be clean and dry when they are cooked.

Cook the mushrooms as they are. Mushrooms have a distinctive flavor of their own that can be brought out with simple additions such as butter or olive oil. Mushrooms contain a lot of water, so they'll shrink considerably during cooking. 

Cook mushrooms with eggs. Eggs and mushrooms go well together in very simple and easy dishes. 

Stuff mushrooms for a quick appetizer. These are featured at many restaurants and parties. 

Add mushrooms to common dishes. When added to existing recipes, mushrooms can add depth of flavor and complexity.

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