Ganoderma Mushroom Products in Freetown | MycoNutra® Reishi | MycoNutra® mushroom products

Ganoderma Mushroom Products in Freetown | MycoNutra® Reishi | MycoNutra® mushroom products   

Ganoderma Mushroom Products in Freetown.

Here are high-quality reishi mushroom products, reishi mushroom growing needs, reishi mushroom extracts, and other food products.

Ganoderma Mushroom Products in Freetown.

Therefore, systematic research and testing, aiming towards a better un- derstanding of the mechanisms, responsible for the biological effects of G. lucidum, are much elucidation, validation, and scientific justification of G. lucidum preparations. 

Emphasis on anti-cancer and immunomodulatory functions; downstream production processes of extracts and isolates; composition of anti-cancer formulations with G. lucidum; medical experience with G. lucidum.

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