Benefits Of Reishi Mushroom For Health | Health Benefits Of Ganoderma | Reishi Mushroom Benefit List

Benefits Of Reishi Mushroom For Health | Health Benefits Of Ganoderma | Reishi Mushroom Benefit List

Benefits of Reishi Mushrooms for Health

  • From boosting the immune system to fighting fatigue, reishi mushrooms have been found to have a number of health benefits.

  • Increases energy levels: "Reishi mushrooms may fight depression and fatigue," says Kimszal. A 2005 study found that, after eight weeks of supplementation with reishi mushroom compounds, fatigue diminished in individuals with neurasthenia, a nervous system condition.4 "Aches, pains, and irritability were also found to diminish when taking reishi mushroom supplements," according to Kimszal.
  • Improves good cholesterol: According to Kimszal, reishi mushrooms may help improve HDL cholesterol among people with diabetes.
  • Boosts immune system: "Reishi mushrooms have been found to increase white blood cell production and possibly reduce inflammation," says Kimszal. "They've also been shown to down-regulate TH2 cytokines, suggesting they could be a benefit in treating cancer." She also notes that they're high in beta-glucans, which have been found to boost the immune system by activating macrophages and natural killer cells. "Beta-glucans have also been found to slow the growth of tumors and stop them from metastasizing," she says.

Benefits Of Reishi Mushroom
Reishi Mushroom

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