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Cordyceps militaris mushroom cultivation training in India

If there is one vegetarian food item that has seen exponentially growing demand in the past decade, it is mushroom and other edible fungi. 

Cordyceps militaris mushroom cultivation training in India

While the most common variety of mushrooms that were eaten in India was a white oyster, Cordyceps, and button mushrooms, people have opened their consciousness to many other varieties and as of today, varieties like shitake, portobello, milky, oyster, and enoki mushrooms are well-loved and highly demanded by Indians, especially the urban Indians.

So, the scope of mushrooms and mushroom farming is increasing every day.

Mushroom services since 2018.

The Biobritte mushroom center provides the Cordyceps mushroom farming training to the new mushroom cultivators and to the mushroom lovers.

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