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Cordyceps Sinensis 

The wonders of Cordyceps Sinensis have been known in China for at least 1,000 years, where the mushroom is recognized as a national medicinal treasure, a precious and virtually sacred tonic. As a health supplement, it is known to increase energy and vitality.


Cordyceps Sinensis

• Name: The Latin etymology of Cordyceps Sinensis is as follows: cord means “club,” ceps means “head,” and Sinensis means “Chinese.” The mushroom is also called the “caterpillar fungus” on account of its origin, and, less frequently, “winter worm, summer grass.” 

• Description: The mycelium is encased in the mummified body of the caterpillar, from which the fungus germinates. The fruit body is capless, shaped like a blade or twig, dark brown at the base, and black at the top. 

• Habitat: Cordyceps is found in the mountains of Tibet, as low as 14,000 feet and up to 21,000 feet high. Interviews with a number of local collectors suggest that none had ever seen it lower than the tree line, which is now around 14,000 in Tibet. It is usually found starting about 500 feet higher than the tree line. It may grow lower in Bhutan or Nepal, but in any case, it does grow above the 14,000-foot limit. It grows in the alpine meadows of the Himalayas and other high mountain ranges of China, Tibet, and Nepal. 

• Active ingredients: Polysaccharides; deoxy-nucleosides (Cordycepin); other altered nucleosides such as hydroxy-ethyladenosine, which are antiviral and thought to work by a different mechanism than the deoxy-nucleosides. 

• Uses: Anti-asthma and bronchitis; controls atherosclerosis (cardiovascular disease); lowers cholesterol; safely and effectively controls arrhythmias; helps control diabetes; antiviral (HIV, HBV); prevents liver cirrhosis (post-hepatitis); increases stamina and fights fatigue; increase libido and sperm count.

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